The journey begins here

The small island of Bouvet is located about 1,750 km north of Antarctica and its location and topography make it the most remote, mysterious and inaccessible island in the world. With these premises, you can already imagine the adventure of getting there.

And it is precisely this uniqueness that attracts and represents us. Because Bouvët is a travel agency capable of designing a unique trip to the most remote place on the planet or organizing a trip around the world, discovering the most incredible and exclusive landscapes.

Of course, everything, absolutely everything, thought out and taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Upgrading every detail

We design any type of experience that you can think of and that, for now, can be enjoyed without leaving of the planet Earth.

A sunset in the Atacama Desert, flying over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon, the colors of the sakura blossom in Tokyo, swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura, hearing the northern lights whistle in Lapland, waking up next to a group of giraffes in the Chobe National Park or a day of trekking in Kootenay.

What is the trip of your dreams?

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